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Please click on the following links to view orientation videos on how to register and use SEMS:
Employee Orientation Video
Substitute Orientation Video

QuickTime is needed to view videos. Download here.

Existing user?

You are registered. Continue to use your Outlook login name and password.

First time user?

* Administrators, teachers and substitutes need to register their employee ID over the telephone by calling 301-298-2864 before entering the website.

* Enter your access ID (employee number) number twice the first time.
Example: Key in over the telephone your access ID: which is your employee ID followed by the * key on your telephone key pad. Type in your PIN number: which is also your employee ID followed by the * on your telephone key pad.

* Once in the system you can create a new six digit PIN and voice your name.

For assistance and questions:

Special Ed. Paraeducators and Special Ed. Para Substitutes, please contact the Supporting Services Office at 301-279-3940, Monday-Friday, 7:30am-5:00 pm or by email at

Teachers and Substitute Teachers, please contact the Substitute Teacher Office at 301-279-3280, Monday-Friday, 6:30am-3:00 pm or by email at

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